Documents required for your African Hunting Safari

Please download and complete the following documents well before you embark on your dream hunting safari:

Client Information Sheet – Please complete and e-mail to us and bring along the original document.

Application for multiple import or export permit – South African Police Service  Form SAPS 520

(Please follow SAPS 520 domument completiton instructions below)

Pages to be complete on the SAPS 520

Complete page 2 – E 2.1 to E 25.4     – Natural person’s details

Complete page 4 – G 1 to G 5 & G 8 to G 9.2  – Import/Export details

Complete page 5 – I 1.1 to I 5    – Details of firearms etc.

Complete page 6 – J – Signature of applicant

Please note: The date format is: year/month/day
Page 6: Date – when signing the form. Place – where signing


Other Information Concerning your trip to Africa

You need a valid Passport to enter South Africa.

You need proof of ownership on the rifles you bring into South Africa. (4457 custom form)

You do not need any permits if you are a bow hunter, just an Invitation letter.



All firearms must be declared with US Customs before leaving the United States or your country of origin. Get this done well before you leave. If you are in the United States, the location of your nearest Customs Office can usually be found in the blue pages of your telephone guide. Many Customs Offices are lightly staffed and there are not always agents on hand.  Be aure to call ahead for an appointment. Be aware that this does not in any way register your firearms, but you will receive a record of listing called a 4457 custom deceleration form “.  Please Do Not Loose This Record! Without it, you will not be able to take your rifles back with you into the Unites States.  Keeping it with your passport at all times should prevent it from being misplaced, and be sure to pack in space photocopies of all the necessary docuemts.

On entering South Africa or Zimbabwe, you should also fill out an Import Firearm Permit, depicting the serial numbers, model/s and calibers of your firearms. Having this information handy, will prevent you having to open your rifle cases at this time. Your firearms must be presented to a South African Customs Official and the serial numbers you registered will be checked. Your firearm permit MUST be stamped and retained by you until your departure.  Once again Please Do Not Loose This Record! Put it with your passport to prevent loss or misplacement.

Your firearm permit will be dated as valid only until your departure date. Be certain that you do not put down a date prior to your actual departure. You will also have to supply an in-country address to Immigration Officials when arriving. Have this information handy beforehand. It is sometimes not enough to say you are going hunting in the bush at such and such a camp.  You will use your Safari company’s home address, i.e.:

Farm Maroelasfontein 634LQ
Old Vaalwater Road
Limpopo Province
South Africa