Adrenalin Hunting Safaris are members of the following associations:

Safari Club International

Safari Club International (SCI) protects hunters rights and promotes wildlife conservation. SCI has over 55 000 members spanning 190 chapters across the globe.

SCI encourages an appreciation for nature and wildlife so that conservation efforts remain strong, while also fighting to protect our rich hunting heritage. Big changes can be achieved through the endeavours of many who are united in our mission being:

  • Assist and support SCI Governmental Affairs and act as a central source of information on conservation and governmental matters in Southern Africa pertaining to hunting and wildlife issues.
  • Collaborate and liaise with SCIF on conservation project and activities in Africa.
  • Support African PH & Outfitter Associations in terms of donations towards various projects & fundraisers.
  • Assist with hunting issues that arise between outfitters and SCI members.

Bosveld Hunter’s Association

The Bosveld Hunter’s Association (BHC) has two main functions:

Firstly to protect outfitters and hunters, ensure they subscribe to ethical codes, rules, laws and regulations enabling hunting to be enjoyed as a controlled sport.
Secondly, to ensure that hunters protect nature and wildlife to secure the future of hunting as a sport.